Author Topic: Can Mythtv use the Linux MCE IR settings for channel changing?  (Read 1255 times)


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Can Mythtv use the Linux MCE IR settings for channel changing?
« on: December 07, 2008, 01:05:46 pm »
I have a directv set top box hooked to a pvr-150.  I am just getting/learning mythv.  If I train my pvr commands in linux mce A/V page for channel changing etc, Can mythv access these codes somehow, to channel change at the appropriate times to record shows?



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Re: Can Mythtv use the Linux MCE IR settings for channel changing?
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2008, 02:30:51 pm »
Yes. After you train the system to use your remote codes, I use dish Network, It uses those commands via a device created by the system in a channel changing script. This script is located down /usr/pluto/bin/ After you add the template for your receiver, and have run the Setup Wizard, it generates the necessary number used by the script.

Here is what I did. Added the template for the 3 receivers I have. I added them as 3 seperate templates, because I wanted to use a different set of ir codes for each receiver, as they are all located together, on top of each other.

In the setup wizard, the first choice you are given regarding this are the ones for a Live TV device. Here you tell the system which receiver is hooked to which port on your pvr150(s). After that step is complete, you are then asked if you have any devices capable of receiving broadcast media, here you should see the choices regarding the template name(s) you created, and what controls them, for example mine says DVR522 controlled by USB-UIRT .... after you select this device, it prompts you for your schedules direct user name and then the password. This does 2 things in the background.
1> associates the device number of the receiver template you created (we'll say it was 200)
2> associates the device with a provider instance (schedules direct) (we'll say it was 1, for Provider 1)

Now this automatically sets up the channel change command like so:

/usr/pluto/bin/ 200 1

You can verify this by looking at it in mythtv-setup, on the host that has the tuner cards. You can see it under
> Input Connections
From the main screen.

This is how LMCE and the USB-UIRT control your receivers in both LiveTV and TV modes.

More info on the script can be seen here:

I hope this helps understand a bit how the thing works.

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