Author Topic: Remotely control house w/o using Web Orbiter  (Read 1030 times)


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Remotely control house w/o using Web Orbiter
« on: December 05, 2008, 07:47:12 pm »
Because I can't reply to this thread: I'll start another.

Thom-  First off the WebDT orbiter is amazing- so certainly no complaints/criticisms/arguments.

In reference to the above linked thread, has anything changed that would allow an orbiter to be used remotely?  At some point I think I read that Pluto/LMCE was designed to be a WAN based system rather than a LAN based with internet access.  I would like to be able to drop off a DT366/N810 at my parents house that they could leave on their counter while I am out of the city that would give them near full control of the house to check security cameras/turn on lights to give the appearance that someone was home or whatever.

I know this can be done with the web orbiter and I could setup schedules to turn on particular lights and send images from webcams to my phone, but if it is possible to do this from a N810 already I would prefer the later solution.


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Re: Remotely control house w/o using Web Orbiter
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2008, 08:41:08 pm »
If you wish to do this, you will need to build an ssh tunnel from the orbiter to your core. Look at various bits on google on how to do this.

You will need to install openssh on the padOrbiter, because all I have on there is dropbear.

the relevant ports you'll want to pass through are 3450, 3451, and 12000 (for Xine time code).

and the weborbiter will need to be accessible from a static IP inside your 192.168.80.x network.

Basically, you should configure the orbiter inside the network, get the IP address it is assigned, and tunnel that to the remote location.

root password on the padorbiter is 'root'