Author Topic: New user, have hardware picked out, welcome advice  (Read 5442 times)


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Re: New user, have hardware picked out, welcome advice
« Reply #15 on: December 04, 2008, 03:30:41 am »
The switch works good.  Its been up since I got it a few months ago, haven't had to reset it or anything.  I'm always doing large transfers and streaming video through it.  I haven't verified the exact throughput I'm getting, but I'm pretty sure its hard drive limited.

I guess on a side note, I gave up on linuxmce for a while, after working on it for a few weeks.  Problems with networking, getting my tv to be controlled by serial, getting the other buttons on my remote wonder to work, it took a long time for remote media to be added to database (a few videos would be added per day), couldn't control cable box with usbuirt.  Really sucked troubleshooting the network problems too without the internet because I simply could not get an external IP address assigned, but I think it was partially my ISP's fault (requires spoofed mac address, which I couldn't get to stay after restarts).  I'm sure a lot of it was hardware issues, but I didn't have the patience to figure out that many problems.

I got mythbuntu up and running, and am using unraid for storage, and it works goods for now, but I would like some of the features in LMCE, so I will probably give the next version a try, and hopefully will have better luck.

Anyways thanks for the help all,