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Whats an X10 device called
« on: December 03, 2008, 02:03:43 am »
Hi all.

Located here in Australia our x10 devices I think are the same but are sometimes labeled different so I have a CM12AU which is a Computer/Power point interface unit that comes with the Computer interface kit. I bought these for another job some years ago and thought I would try these with Linuxmce.

I couldn't find a cm12 in the templates so installed it as a cm11 with a usb cable.

EDIT: I can confirm that following the WIKI will work with a CM12AU and a plug in appliance module.

Is there anyway I can confirm the the system can see it etc and its working?

And 2nd

I have some appliance modules AM12AU appliance modules that I simply want to turn on and off etc as some of my outside light are plugged into these. I did a search but have no idea how to add these to the system. I was going to select the cm11 under advance-configuration-device-cm11 and add a child device but not sure and since I have a camera system etc up and running, don't want to foul it all up.

EDIT: Found the WIKI for this part....

I use the camera's (or I want to) to turn my lights on and off as I move around the house and If I know the x10 part works I will buy a few dimable modules etc.

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