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Whenever I select an MP3 for playback in Pluto it shows in the second block of the media row in Orbiter). Then when I click the block the the song name it takes me with a screen that controls the playback. There is a button with a combined symbol for pause/play. The problem with the screen is that it does not give feedback about the playback status.

Since I have not sound, when I press the pause/playback I dont know it I'm actually stoping or starting back the sound. Nothing is changed in the screen to shange this status. Is this a problem in my configuration? How can this be fixed? This might not be a problem when controlling local sound (inmediate sound feedback), but is a problem when controlling remote sound.

we're working now to add feedback to the orbiter, we're adding some effects that we'll make the orbiter more usable.
available in future releases. next release is .39 but it will not include those effects.


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