Author Topic: My MCE build log (pics and details included)  (Read 5498 times)


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Re: My MCE build log (pics and details included)
« Reply #15 on: November 10, 2008, 04:48:13 pm »
Status update.
The core is up and running, along with one MD. They are both in my office for now just so I can do some testing before I take the time to get everything set up. So far I am completely impressed with how everything works, from just navigating through the menus to playing a movie on my core and opening up the floorplan and flipping it over to my MD, or running it on both simultaneously.

Current problems I need to resolve.
1. The only MD i have been able to network boot thus far has no sound....
2. The second MD will not network boot at all
3. The system seems to lock up quite often (I dont want to have to reboot every time i want to watch tv). The core seems to only lock up when I switch back and forth from KDE or when I reload the router, the MD will lock up in a couple different situations. So far I can only run the basic UI on this MD, i tried running the medium and it would lock up as soon as the orbiter loaded every time.

This all seems like fairly easy stuff to fix just as soon as someone points me in the right direction, I have a couple of posts over in the install section regarding a few of these issues.