Author Topic: Setting up windows computer for linux printer access  (Read 1151 times)


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Setting up windows computer for linux printer access
« on: November 04, 2008, 01:14:29 am »
I have a local printer on my hybrid and I couldn't get the windows computer setup for printing using linux local printer. I found this site which solved the problem:

One of the steps requires you know your ip address of the computer that the printer is local too and the printer name as defined when you set it for your linux computer.

Hope this helps. I couldn't find anything in the wiki or the forums.


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Re: Setting up windows computer for linux printer access
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2008, 02:38:55 pm »

LMCE by default loads the cups server on the core and the MD's. I use this every day, on 3 machines to 2 winders laptops. Here is how.

On the core or MD, do the following: I will use my living room MD (wehre the hp 750 printer/scanner/fax is hooked up) moon63:

I am going to add, that now is the time to plug in your printer :) but you knew that already.........

Open up a web browser on your core or any other internally connected (lmce network) machine and point it to the MD or core's name port 631.

This will open up the CUPS configuration GUI. From the Home TAB, click the button labeled "Add Printer". It will ask you for a name, location, and description:

 Name : hp750 (keep this as simple as possible)
 Location : Living Room AV Rack
 Description : Color Inkjet Printer/Scanner/Copier

Next you will be prompted to choose the "Device" the printer is hooked to. This is the local port on the system LPT1, etc.

 Devices : LPT #1

Click Continue.

Now it will ask you for a driver or PPD file. There are lots of ones provided, but to get all the functions of my 750PSC I had to download a file from Click the folder (ftp style) for your manufacturer and then scroll through until you find your model. Again, this step may not be required, but it was for me Y.M.M.V.

Now the next step may cause issues. After you have found, or downloaded your printer driver, then click "Add Printer" A popup window will appear, prompting you for root and root's pw. I temporarily went in and gave root a pw in a terminal session, just for this part, then I made it "null" again afterwords. I did not try doing it without the passwd as MD's and cores are currently configured, so it may just work, again,  Y.M.M.V.

If all is successful, you should be presented with a screen with options for your particular printer.

Now you can dig into options on the "Printers" TAB and do things like allow specific users and the lot, I left this alon, as it is on my internal network, no need to set policies.

Now, how do I use this printer on a winders box:

Simple. Using the Add Printer Wizard, (don't you love wizards), choose a new network printer, and when making your choice use the last option with the "http" link, and do this:

 http://moon63/printers/hp750  (now you know why it is good to keep the 1st step in this setup simple)

Now try your test page print. Should fire right off.

Because LMCE does the cool thing, by using internal NIS and YP stuffs (not a network guy) resolving the system by hostname is gravy. For example if you set this up on the core:

 etc. etc.

That should get you going. Let me know if I can help out any other way. I have 3 printers in my house. A laser on the core, and the 750 in the living room, and a deskjet 500 in one of my girls rooms.

Thats it,



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