Author Topic: LinuxMCE /w WD MyBookworld and Linksys WRT54GL issue fixed  (Read 1025 times)


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LinuxMCE /w WD MyBookworld and Linksys WRT54GL issue fixed
« on: October 27, 2008, 11:51:43 am »

I've had a show stopper for one of my LMCE deployments for 3months now, where the Western Digital MyBookWorld NAS drive would die upon starting on my LMCE network.  I was migrating my friends setup from MythTV to LMCE and was stumped as to what was wrong.  I nagged a few guys in the IRC several times but to no avail..

I even replaced the firmware on the mybookworld NAS thinking it may have had buggy firmware, and that also to no avail.  What was strange was the NAS would work as normal as long as my CORE was switched off, as soon as the CORE would startup, the NAS would lockup.

Finally, yesterday - spent the day trying to figure this out, swapping network cards, re-installing different versions of LMCE b2,b3,rc1,rc2 etc.. and finally decided to replace the Linksys router firmware with DD-WRT - and what do you know!  It now works!! the bug must have been with the router firmware.  (Note: I was only using the Linksys router as a wireless AP, and basic hub for my network - the ADSL modem was connected directly into the CORE)

So i thought i'd post this, as someone one day might have a similar issue, and this may help.

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