Author Topic: assigning squeezebox player to several EAs - shouldn't it appear in all EAs?  (Read 2434 times)


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I'm using Squeezeslave as dummy squeezebox player in my system. It still doesn't auto start, but when I start it manually it works ok (I've set it up to output on analog audio output of my sound care (main xine player is set to SPDIF output) - so I can get two independent stereo channels on my core...

I've routed amplified signal from SB to ESS (great speaker switching device rs232 controlled) that controls 4 audio zones. I've setup House Audio room with 4 EAs and assign squeezebox player to all of them, but on Orbiter I only get Audio scenario to control player in first EA (BTW, name field of first EA is colored white, while the rest are colored yellow - does anyone know what this means ?).

- Shouldn't squeezebox appear in all 4 EAs on Orbiter (I could use that situation for event handler that would setup ESS whenever I start music in any EA and set speaker switcher to that area) ?
- Does anyone know what is the difference when I make selection in the field after name of EA: choices are blank, Audio Zone, Audio system, Pluto MD, non Pluto TV... ?

I'd like to set event handler whenever I start music in any of those EAs, to determine EA where it is meant to be played and then set speaker selector accordingly. Is my thinking right or should I tackle this in some different manner ?

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Update: have read this Wiki entry and answer is still not clear to me: it describes that DVD appears in two EAs, but it's unclear whether its controls will show up on both EAs....

Anyone with just a quick answer ?
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