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Connecting to DCE router with Perl and Misterhouse



I've just installed Pluto and I see that I will have to learn a lot about it, to be able to contribute.

We had quite some discussion about integration of Pluto and Misterhouse ( and this could be the first step.

I'd like to connnect to DCE router with Perl (probably over TCP socket) and would like to receive all messages from router, just to get some more knowledge about DCE Router operation.

On next step, I'd like to enhance this - so that MH could also send some commands, events to router and on next step MH act as parent device to all devices it currently supports.

One of the more interesting things I'd like to do through MH is whole house audio in SW (with speech announcements, VOIP calls, etc...) all through multi channel outputs on core....

Also I'm planning to do some more research work on adaptive house field (I'm post Ph.D researcher in speech processing and inteligent user speech interfaces).

So I kindly ask for some help on this one ....




DCERouter is actually a pretty simple program.  All it does, essentially, is take a message (see DCE/Message.cpp) and route it the destination device(s).  It also handles "interceptors" (ie my device wants to be notified every time a sensor is tripped).

The easiest way to see what's happening is to tail /var/log/pluto/DCERouter.newlog.  Every DCE Device logs it's output to that directory.  If a device is restarted, the scripts move the .newlog contents to .log ,and start a .newlog file again.  At bootup, all the logs are compressed into an archive in /var/log/pluto/archive.  So you can just tail the .newlog for the module you're interested.  Optionall you could do a screen -ls, and tehn a screen -r to attach to the screen session -- all devices, including DCERouter run in screen sessions.

Lol, okay i get it now.


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