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New P45 Mainboard from MSI
« on: September 14, 2008, 09:14:31 pm »

 Hi All,

 Just a little headway here for guys looking for boards. I just got back from picking up a new 5-3 chassis for the server and while I was in I looked at a couple new MSI motherboard one is 120 and the other 140 CDN, I did not get into reading the book much but looking at the boards they are just what I was looking for previously for a core board.

 NO SLI, 4 DDR2 slots, LGA775 socket, 4 pci slots and 1 pci xpress slot and one pci-e slot. 8 sata ports, Realtek 8111C Single 1gb Lan and ALC883 Audio, No spdif out BUT has the nice simple 3 wire spdif adaptor on board, the cheaper board has only 6 sata and 3 pci slots and nothing else fancy they are both realtek lan and 8 channel audio though. These are full atx boards

 If I could sell my P5K3 I would try one out. Here are couple links to them, the pictures are not accurate by the looks of it, the board they show is the -FR for both which is the more $$ one.