Author Topic: Changes to support Capture Card Audio Port.  (Read 2825 times)


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Changes to support Capture Card Audio Port.
« on: May 19, 2011, 03:22:57 pm »
If you wish to see all the appropriate changes, you can see Bug #1063 in trac.... But basically:

* The addition of a new DesignObj in Designer.

A new designobj (6063), has been added to support the new screen. It looks like all the rest of the Setup Wizard screens, except that this one has a new data grid, dgCaptureCardAudioPort, which gets its information from the Media Plugin.

The datagrid generator for this grid gathers all the devices of category Capture Card Audio Port, for a given PK_Device (specified in a previous screen), and puts them in this grid.

Selecting an entry from the datagrid on this designobj will fire a Set Capture Card Audio Port command in the Media Plugin, to assign a number to the FK_Capture_Card_Audio_P devicedata. This number is the device # of the corresponding Capture Card Audio Port device template.

As such, I have made a number of new templates in this category:

* Front Analog Port
* Rear Analog Port
* Default Port

more can be added as needed to best describe tuner card audio ports, and they are added in exactly the same way as the Capture Card Video Ports.

Right now, the Extra Parameters device data is used by the Media Plugin to specify what to pass to the script, as of now, we call this script as:

Code: [Select] /dev/video0 0 0

$1 is the block device (translated from <%BLOCK%>)
$2 is the desired video port as seen by v4l2-ctl
$3 is the desired audio port as seen by v4l2-ctl

This is called from Media_Plugin::StartCaptureCard(), by the App Server, before the call to start the stream by Xine Player.

Hopefully this will help some people who are making device templates for tuner cards.