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Need a new MD
« on: September 02, 2008, 07:49:34 am »
Hey guys,

I need to get a new MD as the one downstairs in my main living / theater room ain't cutting it due to VIA graphics chipset and some other lackies.

I originally had a MSI 700CN based board (essentially mini-itx). It's great for power consumption amongst other thangs, but the lack of optical port (needed for my A/V component) and incompatibility with VIA graphics drivers is a bit annoying.

I'd like to put together something that has the following:

2 Serial Ports
a GOOD nVIDIA based graphics board w/ DVI or HDMI output
an Optical Out Port for connection to my A/V equipment
integrated blue tooth would be nice, but not necessary, I have dongles
low power consumption
small form factor
PXE-BOOT (a must)

That's about it... any suggestions?