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A few ideas I've come up with
« on: August 11, 2008, 08:44:53 pm »
Hi all.  Let me say that I love LMCE and am trying to do what I can to help the project.  I've already made some videos on youtube and am contemplating writing some documentation for the wiki.  I've thought of a few suggestions that I think would help LMCE in function.

Relating to audio
1.) Ability to tag an entire album with one piece of cover art
Seems like the cover art manager only allows for tagging individual tracks with album art.  It would be nice to be able to tag by album. 

Relating to video
1.) When new videos are added to the database/cube, add a thumbnail to the video based on the first frame.
When I add videos from my digital camera, there are given non-descript names, live dsc20041.avi  thumbnails would help immensely for videos that are not tv clips or dvds
2.) Better aspect ratio detection
I've played a few dvds where they did not fill the screen.  A simple change of the aspect via the main menu fixed this.  Auto detection would be great for this.

Relating to setup
1.) Analog surround sound
A lot of sound cards out there, including onboard cards have analog surround sound output.  Getting these cards to work is easy in ubuntu, therefore analog surround sound should be an option during setup.  Right now, when the A/V wizard runs, the only choices are stereo, spdif, and optical audio. 
2.) More flexible mixing options
Those same analog surround cards sometimes have irregular names for there mixer channels.  Thus, even when using those cards for simple stereo sound, LMCE cannot control the volume on some of them.  So, maybe having the ability to choose the master mixer channel for LMCE would correct this problem.  I've tried changing the master mixer channel in kubuntu, but that doesn't seem to affect the LMCE environment.
3.) On screen notification for volume change
Just a small thing, but it would be nice to see a volume indicator when changing volume so I know that it's being changed and what level it is at.

Relating to pictures
1.) Ability to slideshow all pictures in a directory. 
I tried the "play all", but that didn't seem to work
2.) Screensaver should be able to search subfolders in the picture folder
I've made several sub folders in /home/public/data/pictures and the screensaver can only pick up the ones in the top folder.  It would be nice if the web admin area of the screensaver would show all pictures in all subfolders.  I had to make duplicates in the top folder in order to choose them for the screensaver to use.

Well, that's all I've seen for now.  I just wanted to get these ideas out.  I bet some of them have already been fixed in recent updates.  Thanks devs for all your hard work
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