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Some Windows Remote Questions
« on: August 12, 2008, 04:03:37 pm »
I bought 2 Windows MCE Remotes. They are different models but very similar. One of them came with an IR Blaster and the other with just the IR receiver.

So I plugged the IR receiver/blaster into my hybrid core via usb and everything seemed to work fine. I am not using the blaster for anything, just remote functionality for the system. So when I built my first MD I plugged in my IR receiver/blaster and everything worked. Well I had some problems with that MD and it was crashing my network. So I swapped it out with a second MD that I had not put online yet. I plug in the IR receiver/blaster and it is recognized and it looks like everything is fine... except the remote doesn't act the same way. Some of the buttons don't work now. My >| button doesn't work in the video sorter. My back button works as the stop button when I am watching live TV.
So, How did this happen and how do I fix it?

Second, The IR receiver that came with my other remote doesn't seem to do anything. I plug it in and I get the red light when I use the remote but nothing changes. I know the remote works because I can use it on my system that uses the other IR receiver/blaster.

Could it be the case that since I had the other receiver plugged in first and then removed it and replaced it with another that for some reason the MD is not loading the new one? Is there a test screen somewhere in the admin web site that I can use to check the settings?

Core: Broken :(