Author Topic: USBUirt NO Pg up or DWN in VIDEO UI (SOLVED)  (Read 834 times)


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« on: August 07, 2008, 12:57:26 pm »
 Hey Guys,

 Another hurdle overcome. When I installed my USBUirt it was on a clean install along with the MCEusb_2. When It was all up and running and I applied seth's fix from the wiki, the USBuirt would receive all the normal MCE remote commands but the pg up and dn in the video ui menu. what I noticed was I always had two MCE remotes in the Webadmin - devise MD section and always had a Uirt 0038 and MCEusb_2 in my webadmin - devices - interfaces.

  I would delete the MCEusb_2 from the interfaces page as well as the 2nd MCE Remote from the MD page as well as the MCE remote for the irt0038 unplug the USBUirt and reload or regen the router and everytime I did this the MCEusb_2 would show up again as well as the 2nd MCE remote in the MD page.

 So I went to Webadmin - Advanced - Devices and under core - the core hybrid - I saw my two devices the USBUirt0038 and the MCEusb_2. I deleted the MCEusb_2 device from THERE. Then I wen back to the webadmin - devices - md and removed the MCEremote on USBUirt0038. Unplugged the IRT reloaded the router plugged the IRT back in waited for the install to complete and then regen'd the orbiter and VOILA I now have page up and page down.

 So two things - One do not use your MCEusb2 dongle and the IRT when installing clean and two there is obviously a conflict with both of them on the system and removing the device and choosing update from the md or interface page make no difference at all as they get added back in the next time you boot or reload the router even though the system says the MCEusb_2 is diabled.

 hope this helps you some.


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Re: USBUirt NO Pg up or DWN in VIDEO UI (SOLVED)
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Great catch Dave. Glad it is working for you now. That was the one piece missing from my new install. I never had the mce receiver plugged into my core. Now going forward, I will definitely make sure not to do so in the future.


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