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RFID support
« on: August 07, 2008, 03:51:39 am »

I've just started looking into LMCE.  I've decided that I want to build a system and am doing as much research as I can before I start to buy components.

One key thing that I would like to do is to track when my two dogs enter or leave the house via the dog door that I have installed.  This is not just to track the dogs, but also to identify if something other than my dogs has entered the house (i.e. a burglar...  I have a big dog, and a big dog door!)

I've thought about putting RFID tags onto their collars, and a sensor by the dog door.  So, my aim would be to have an alarm trigger if the dog door opened in the absence of the RFID tag (not foolproof security, but better than nothing).  I've done a bit of research into this, and was wondering if anyone has gone a step further and got an RFID reader working with LMCE?

I've seen a few posts about phidgets devices, but the RFID kit that they sell can only pick up a signal from 3 inches away.  I would need it to read from more like 10 inches.  There are a lot of commercial devices out there, and many are ruggedized industrial systems which seem to be overkill and too expensive/big/ugly for domestic use.  Could anyone recommend a more cost effective, simple, solution for RFID which is a step up from the phidgets kit?  Especially if it has been used successfully with LMCE.