Author Topic: Installation Files Stores, Twin NICs and MythBackend  (Read 834 times)


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Installation Files Stores, Twin NICs and MythBackend
« on: August 28, 2008, 10:06:22 am »
Hi There,

I have been struggling to get LinuxMCE installed, I have just reinstalled again and this time installed Kubuntu 32bit 7.10 with the network cable unplugged; Kubuntu moaned that it couldn't install security updates towards the end of the installation routine but... LinuxMCE installed fine (well as far as I can tell at the moment as I am still a LinuxMCE virgin)...

I was surprised that LinuxMCE doesnt' ask for a location to use as it's file store; especially recordings... I know it'll use all the space around teh home, but I have a RAID5 array in the machine with 2TB and that would be the logical place to dump all the recordings, music and the like... I guess the idea is that you mount your drive store in the location indicated, but each program seems to have its own store location.

Anyway, since I got it all to work, I am now going to reinstall as I have two problems and not sure if it is down to my installation procedure...
 - Single network card when installed; second NIC drivers installed afterwards (for Internal) but it's not behaving properly; I have altered the Mysql config IK_Devices (I think) but no luck it doesn't behave.
 - MythBackend doesn't start when the machine starts, in fact it's just unreliable so I need to do some more work on this.



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Re: Installation Files Stores, Twin NICs and MythBackend
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2008, 11:25:40 am »

 A couple things. Once you tell the setup IE Your MD if your using a Hybrid that you want to use Myth as your TV/PVR it will download the binaries and req'd apps and once you set it up - Myth that is it will start the backend every time (it does take a while the first time you set it up to fill the db) You also tell Myth upon setup where to put your recordings as default.  I have three system a Hybrid and two md's and Myth is available all the time with no delays. If you try to use it before the db is populated yes you can send the backend into a panic, but it will just tell you have done so and rebuild itself again.

 As for telling the system where to store well once you setup your devices ie storage etc...Then upon ripping Music, TV, etc... you can tell the system where you want it stored from the ripping page and there is a default for ripping already setup in the system. I am not sure where that is and I really do not use it anyhow, I rip from my workstations and I do not use lmce structure for my files. If you are ripping files external to lmce make sure that you use underscores in your files names or the they will not show up with cover art in the UI that you set in Files and Media Sync.