Author Topic: What is keeping me form using linux mce and what I would like to see...  (Read 2372 times)


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I really like the idea of linux mce, as well as the powerful controll it gives you. However, what is really keeping me from using it is the interface. It really is the worst as far as interface and intuitiveness goes. I made a little mockup of what I would like to see and I'm sure many others would like to see as well, in future updates of mce. Skins or a whole new interface. Something like this, which would allow the user to select their own color but use the same layout and style:

As far as practicality and ease of implementation goes, I have no idea. I am not some super programmer (I can just barely find my way around in java) but I think something like this is a little less sore on the eyes the the clear interface. I realize the idea is to not let the interface overlap the content, but to an extent that hurts your actual ability to find the right button and navigate to the right spot.

Oh and I know it's a little windowsesque but people are more likely to adopt something they are already familiar with.


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