Author Topic: MD stuck at KDE login  (Read 1669 times)


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MD stuck at KDE login
« on: August 05, 2008, 04:23:10 am »
My diskless MD was working ok until I clicked on KDE Desktop in the lmce UI.  It took me to a kde login screen but I do not have credentials for the md.  I tried to ssh to the MD from the core, but my ssh keys are hosed up so I cannot get in without a password there either.

Once you go to the KDE desktop, how do you get back to the lmce UI?  My core is a hybrid and it works quite differently b/c when I click on kde desktop I go straight to an already running kde desktop.

BTW, if I reboot the MD, it just goes back to the KDE login.  Any suggestions? 

Thanks in advance