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HADesigner Screencasts: Creating the Minimo Skin

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The fourth installment has been uploaded:

In this screencast, I discuss the operation of the floorplan buttons, the use of the Show Floorplan and Set Floorplan commands, where to put them, and how they are used. A few other tidbits here and there.


come on, I've seen over 1000 views... is anyone attempting anything??


Sorry Thom, I haven't even looked at them yet! I am much more interested in the LMCE architecture and internal workings than the GUI at this point, and that is heavy going. But I promise I will watch them all soon...

Timely post.  I actually posted a question in the users area which should have been posted here instead.  In short, WAF has prompted me to possibly give this a shot, but first I have some questions to see if what wifey wants is feasable, C&P from the other thread:

In addition to changing the look and feel of the UI, is it possible to slightly change some functionality?  As an example, can you create a UI where after you watch a video instead of it just exiting have it go to a menu where you can save and exit or delete the video?  How about the ability to go straight into TV shows which are treated slightly different from movies?  Or for an even bigger change, how about the ability to do a unique sort on titles, and for those titles with multiple files (multiple episodes of a TV series for example), have the multiple episodes show up in a separate slide out list or show on a separate screen if the main title is selected?

If these changes are possible, I'm going to give it a shot.  It's quite an undertaking for me, mainly the time commitment, but if I can make a UI that wifey likes it should also address a number of complaints I see from a lot of other people new to LMCE. 

Many of these changes will need to be done in code as well as in Designer.

The simplest of which, the done button, can call MH Stop Media, in addition to going to another new screen.

Designer does have the ability to display arbitrary popups. The trick is going to be exposing the relevant information in the data grid generators in the Media Plugin.



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