Author Topic: Merten Z-Wave combined with ACT Z-Wave  (Read 816 times)


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Merten Z-Wave combined with ACT Z-Wave
« on: July 09, 2008, 10:03:42 pm »
Hi all,

I now have a house filled with Merten dimmers and switches, and noticed that it is real hard to get a ZTH200 by ACT to add the units. Sometimes it works, sometimes I just give up.

Now, Merten has marketed a remote control that can be used as a transmitter. Does anyone have experience with that unit? I would like to know at least 2 things:
  • Can I add ACT Z-wave equipment?
  • Can it properly send its configuration to a Z-wave interface on a Core?

I would not be surprised if I could not add ACT equipment. If so, can LMCE handle configurations from both a Merten remote control AND an ACT ZTH200?

If there is interest from devs, I will try to buy a Merten remote that I can return if there is limited or no compatibility with LMCE.