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Re: Calming the System
« on: July 06, 2008, 04:26:47 pm »
Somebody seems to feel the need to accuse me of crimes agains humanity ;) in a private message, and as I'm not a big fan of private messages I'll just answer it here publicly...

:(Sad to see that Linuxmce will be destroyed by a few people. You don't know me, but have still written poor proffesional posts to me. This is not a threat, you might be the one who could cause Linuxmce to colaps. I understand your posission so I am not posting this in the main forum to sjpare some enbarrasement on your part. You should maintain a proffessional air when dealing with costumers, it helps the reputation of the project. I know it canbe hard, but please stop having a fit every time someone does something wrong. I for one had no idea that I was posting in the wrong forum.

Keep your proffessionalism, spirits, and general health up. Treat people with respect. For any tips, or to chat, reply.
Thanks for listening,

First of all you don't know me either, but somehow that does not stop you from accusing me of destroying this project. :o  Obviously you don't understand my "posission" at all.  I am a volunteer, not a professional and certainly not selling a commercial product.  Which also means that you are not a customer, get over it. 

Instead of inappropriately lecturing people on how to be more useful to you ::), maybe you can try following some instructions and get a clue, that would really help this project.  And sorry to disappoint you but I'm not having a fit everytime I write something that some "costumers" like yourself don't approve of.

Now if you don't mind I'd like to get back to sorting out the lmce build scripts instead of answering whiny messages from "costumers".  Thanks for wasting my time with this bullshit though, I needed a break.  :P
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