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Updating DVD Information
« on: September 04, 2008, 08:18:28 am »
Hi all, I have been watching LinuxMCE for a while now, and well the wife finally caved let me setup a system.  I think she just got tired of constantly getting up and digging for the DVD she wanted. 

Ok now on to the question.  I copied a season of Robot Chicken to my system, and it didnt pull down any of the DVD info.  I know this feature works because several of my other discs have all the correct info.  Is there a file or location I can goto and edit the necessary information to have all the dvd info displayed? 

I dont mind manually inputting the info.  searching the forum and Wiki didnt turn up much on this either.  I am a windows nerd slowly venturing into the world of linux, so any help would be great.  I am also still kind of lost in the directory structure.  so if its some where buried if I could get the full path from root that would be awesome too.

Thanks for the help