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wiimote issues
« on: July 11, 2008, 11:47:33 pm »
I have followed the tutorial on the wiki and got the wiimote to show up on a hcitools scan, but I can't get any further - it won't connect, in the orbiter it asks me what phone it is,

dmesg shows a continuous stream of inputs being added:

Code: [Select]

3829.836000] rtc: lost 28 interrupts
[ 3831.924000] printk: 1 messages suppressed.
[ 3831.924000] rtc: lost 27 interrupts
[ 3833.272000] input: Nintendo Wiimote as /class/input/input734
[ 3836.100000] printk: 2 messages suppressed.
[ 3836.100000] rtc: lost 28 interrupts
[ 3838.392000] input: Nintendo Wiimote as /class/input/input735
[ 3843.520000] input: Nintendo Wiimote as /class/input/input736
[ 3844.468000] printk: 4 messages suppressed.
[ 3844.468000] rtc: lost 28 interrupts
[ 3846.556000] rtc: lost 28 interrupts
[ 3848.692000] input: Nintendo Wiimote as /class/input/input737
[ 3850.120000] input: Nintendo Wiimote as /class/input/input738
[ 3852.820000] printk: 3 messages suppressed.
[ 3852.820000] rtc: lost 28 interrupts
[ 3853.852000] input: Nintendo Wiimote as /class/input/input739

Anyone experienced similar? or know what logs to look in to get more info out.



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Re: wiimote issues
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2008, 03:44:42 pm »

I tried to use an el cheapo Bluetooth dongle that my son had.

When I tried to boot up with the dongle plugged in I received thousands of error messages that screened by until eventually the system finally gave up and booted.

This dongle came with software for WINXP - it wasn't even plug and pray.

Is this failure on initial boot?  If it is maybe borrow another dongle for test purposes.

If not a problem on initial boot double and triple check your script files for typos - it's very easy to do - make an error.

Double check that your BDADDR is what hci tool scan returns.  Double check the return address - if the font is really small it is easy to misread the MAC address.

The wiimote code as is from the wiki (except of course the MAC address) works on a core, core/hybrid and diskless MD.