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Swap and tv syncronization
« on: June 09, 2008, 11:44:05 am »

I have been reading around the forums looking at various topics but have repeatedly come across the mention of using HDDs in the MD's for swap space.

currently I have HDD in my MD's but at the moment they have all had windows OS's on so don;t have a swap partition but I am interested to know the advantages of having a swap partition on the MDs? if there are noticeable improvements I will reformat.

Since the latest release of 0710 I have setup mythtv and it seems to be working pretty well, there are a couple of things I am not sure about though.
I have been experimenting with 2 MDs showing the same tv show and have noticed that there is a second or so delay between them.
A lot of the time this wouldn't be an issue but if the 2 MDs playing the same tv show are in adjacent rooms you can end up with an echo effect when you hear the delayed sound from the room next door.

should it be possible to get the 2 MDs showing the same tv show exactly syncronised?

I have also experimented with using the media floor plan to send the same tv show to another MD and am unsure how the system is utilizing the tv tunner cards I have. I have a a nova t-500 and pvr150 but it seems that once 1 MD has taken up a card to watch a channel when i use the media floorplan to send the same channel to another MD it needs another tuner card to do so, it can't just reuse the same card/replicate what the other md is playing, is this how mythtv is supposed to work?

the reason I ask is that I can see how 2 different tuner cards could be out of sync slightly when showing the same show, if 2 MDs were utilizing the same tunner card to show the same show i would expect them to be exactly syncronized.

of course my problem maybe down to the hardware I am using or even the lack of a swap partition which is why I mentioned this first  but I wanted to make sure i understand how linuxmce is supposed to function before I start upgrading anything.



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