Author Topic: Linux MCE compatible Bluetooth Dongles and RF or IR handheld trackballs  (Read 7890 times)


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From Techstyle UK Ltd. at

Bluetooth Dongles: - £4.99

The Bluetooth Dongle is Bluetooth V2.0, Class 1 and 2 compliant and has a range of 100 meters.  This USB 2.0 device (backward compatible to USB 1.1) has a maximum data transfer rate of 5Mb per second.  I have used this in all of my MD's

Track ball Mice: - £34.99 - £14.99

These products are really at home where there is no surface to use a mouse. The device is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand with the ball under your thumb and the left mouse button underneath in the 'trigger' position. The right button is on top and is easily accessed with the thumb.