Author Topic: Problem PXE booting - UNDI data segment at... - HOWTO SOLVE?  (Read 1449 times)


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Hi forum,

PXE MD booting and setting up allright.
In the process of adjusting Myth frontend, the process froze.
Upon trying to choose TV via media, got Live TV from the core instead of form the MD.

Rebooted MD
Boot process will fail with:

Code: [Select]
gateway =
PXELinux 3.36 Debian-2007-08-30

Undi Data Segment at: 000968B0
Undi Data Segment size 0000
Undi Data Segment at 0009CC20
Undi Data Segment size 0000

PXE Entry found (we hope) at 9CC2:0106

My ip address seems to be  C0A85017

TFTP Prefix: /tftpboot/

Trying to Load PXELinux.cfg/01-00-12-3f-34-49-d3

Now each time I try to reboot the MD it hangs here...
This has happened 2 times now..

What can I do to correct this?

Thank you!