Author Topic: does ASUS M2N-VM DVI works great?  (Read 1176 times)


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does ASUS M2N-VM DVI works great?
« on: April 23, 2008, 03:26:26 pm »
have anyone tried ASUS M2N-VM DVI with linux mce and did it work great?


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Re: does ASUS M2N-VM DVI works great?
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2008, 02:45:51 am »
I have one of these, it will be a MD most likely if anything.
Its currently only have Kubuntu 7.10 on it, and yes I am using both screens.
I have seen the reports of "Linuxmce Doesnt support dualview" and am hesitant.
For all i care, I may just leave it with mythtv running so i can get tv from upstairs from the core, and play movies natively.
On my VGA output I have a CRT 19" @ 1024x768 and on my DVI I have a projector at 1280x720 
I can watch movies etc on either one.
I was trying to have them as 'Cloned' but it got far too messy as i would lose my kubuntu menu (768 - 720 = 48 pixels missing  :'(
If i lowed the position of one to show the KMenu, I would then lose the close and minimize buttons.
I decided in the end, I would run separate X sessions between them. CRT for daytime kids viewing, and Projector for nighttime. It wasnt difficult to replicate icons from .Desktop to .Desktop.1 so media could be chosen from whichever screen...
I did find an annoyance in that Kaffeine which i set to be the default player for disc insertion plays on the screen it was played on last... so i wrote a little script to kill it.
pidof kaffeine |xargs kill
That makes short work of stopping it without starting up the projector during the day.
PS: If that changes and I do install MCE I will let you know. At some point I have to install anyway, because my install is broken - lol