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KDE Won't Start
« on: April 28, 2008, 02:26:02 am »
First I'd like to say that I'm fairly new too LinuxMCE (I've been trying to make it work for me since 710B2), and that i hope I'm posting this in the right place. I didn't want to put this is the 710 RC 1 install issues b/c i have actually had the problem since the day i installed B4.

Up until yestarday I have been using the 64 version. I started with 710B2, upgraded to B3 , then B4, then RC 1 keeping my settings and home folder each time. When I installed B4, i immediatly noticed that I could no longer "goto the kde desktop", i just got the grey background with the single window letting me start or stop MCE. Figuring this was something that i had broken (and having decided that I now want the most stable system possible instead of just a cool new toy to play with), I downloaded and installed the RC 1 32 bit edition DVD. I kept only my home folder, not my settings. Now my Microsoft MCE remote, my usb pvr2, and my 42" LG TV are all not working correctly, which is what i was wanting b/c that means my settings are gone, but i still cannot start KDE.  Are there settings files in my home folder that i need to restore to default, should i just wipe the entire HDD and start over from there? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.