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hardware specs needed
« on: April 23, 2008, 02:11:18 pm »
Im rebuilding my network at home, trying to organise/centralise everything into one system and lMCE is the obvious choice!

Now, im dont know what HW is needed for specific features. And if i didnt have a budget it would be no problem. =)

What i want is a backend server that has all the media and tv-tuners and whats needed. I have one TV with 720p and another not HD tv. Ip-telephony to.

So i want to be able to watch my dvds that ive ripped to the server and digital-tv on my to tv-sets. Integrated telephone? And i also would want musik in every room but dont know how to do it. All controlled with the same remote. One for me and one for  the Mrs. In the future i also want to integrate z-wave to control the lights.

And i want to make this as cheap as posible without loosing functionality.

1 backend server
1 HD thin client?(720p)
1 normal tv thin client
telephone hw?

Is there anything more needed and how should i build them?