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704 Issues - MD Specific
« on: April 11, 2008, 05:47:39 pm »
Hi all,

I have recently rolled back my production system at home to 704 as this is the stable version. And it is, it just runs, no lock-ups, timeouts, etc. The issue I am having is MD specific. When I create a diskless MD, it goes through the motions and creates the image, no problem. It then boots up the MD with this image, no problem. However, on this particular MD, I have a pvr150mce card, which it sees during boot up although it fails to load the firmware, so the driver appears as failed. This is the  confirmed in the setup wizard, as the card does not show up as detected or usable. OK. This I can fix. I ssh to the core from a remote terminal on my laptop, and copy the /lib/firmware folder over into /usr/pluto/diskless/<md number>. Then  I reboot the MD, and bingo the cards are detected. After coming up it hangs on starting the mce_usb2 device, for the attached mce remote. Ok, I see that the lirc drivers are downloaded successfully by the message system, and I can manually do
 modprobe lirc_dev
 modprobe lirc_mceusb2

And then the remote works. So I add these two kernel modules to /etc/modules. Now on a reboot I have both the pvr150 card and the mce_usb2 remote working automagically. And then the real problem.

Now when I add my Dish STB to it, it lets me set it up, and there are no issues there. I let it do the mythtv thing and download the program guide. After that is finished, I select TV from the menu, and all I get is a black screen. So I hop on an ssh session again and run dmesg, it says something along the lines of "Application is too fast for device". So I then exit out of TV mode and drop into Video mode, try to play something on the core storage, again I am vexed with the black screen. Ok, so I try Audio, and it works. Next I try "Live TV Dish 522RF" and I can watch the Dish STB no problems. So something is hosed with mythtv, and there must be an issue with network playback.

Here is what I plan to do over the weekend. On the MD, I will preform a disk'd install, using the 704cd and the 2 lmce cd's. After that long process, I will try again to get things working. In the meantime, and before I put in the install time, is there anything else I can check or look into? I have deleted and recreated the diskless bit in the web admin 3 times now.

Any guidance would be helpful.

Thanks.  ;D


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