Author Topic: [LMCE 0710 Beta 4 DVD] Installation is broken with 3com RAID controller  (Read 1051 times)


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I have a problem with installation LinuxMCE Beta 4 from DVD on the server with 3com RAID controller. The RAID setup like that: two HDDs works as mirror (for system) and 8 - RAID5 (for media). Currently it runs Plutohome So, we decided to install LinuxMCE there but to have some backup did following: removed 1 system disk from the mirror and all media disks from RAID5. Then tried to install LMCE on the second system disk from the mirror. As I know the cache is switched off on the mirror disks. So, each I/O operation communicates directly with HDD.

The installation took long time - about one hour (I installed LMCE on my home PC during 10 - 15 minutes) and at the end we got error that mkdir command mot found after archive was unpacked. It seems that all archive's check points were passed successfully. But the system was not installed properly. Does somebody has some idea why? Does somebody has a successful story with installation LMCE with 3Com RAID card? Maybe it happened because cache was switched OFF?

Thanks in advance.
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