Author Topic: Problem including traffic webcams into view camera scenarios using IP Camera  (Read 2513 times)


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since it seems that view cameras scenarios under LMCE could be adapted to show some other usefull jpg or png sources, I tried to create view camera scenario that will retrieve picture from traffic webcams. So I can see traffic situation before I leave house for work... But there are some problems to be solved...

In my case there are basically two problems :
1. some websites won't allow access based on IP (they switch to home page on request made by ip). They work ok if access is made with full URL:
for instance: gets picture while won't work cause website switches to home page...
2. it seems that some pictures can be quite big (Generic IP camera only waits for 5 secs or 16384 bytes - so this doesn't suffice). So I see messages like "Ruby was unable to handle the command in reasonable amount of time".

I'd kindly ask for some opinion or advice to following questions (I'm currently using Generic IP Camera template):
1. can I somehow retrieve jpegs using URLs and not numeric IPs ?
2. does increase of parameters in
buff=conn_.Recv(16384, 5000)
help in problem 2. ?
3. should I change generic IP camera template or start new one ?
4. Any other thing needed to adapt to slow retrieval of webcams snapshots ?
5. if I use some Ruby equivalent code of wget like here :, can I use open-uri from GSD ?
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