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Translating english Popup messages
« on: March 26, 2008, 07:07:53 pm »

there's one last part of orbiter that is visibly untranslated and that are those popup messages.

with lots of them being assembled from more parts it's necessary to use some ( normal <%=Txxx%> or any other) templating to get the translation done. Some of it(HID messages) is generated directly in orbiter, and the orbiter beeing the recieving end, we can't assume a working connection to db in both reciever or sender.

so there has to be some device or something on core that will help translate these messages.
so afaik there are basically 2 ways to go about this
1) send the templated stuff to the reciever the way it is now, which will then knowing its own language send a message to the translating ?device? and recieve it translated back in another message
2) send the templated stuff in command with final device destination as another parameter directly to the translating device which will then get the language of destination device from db, translate it and send it along

if there's some easier way, i'd like to know :)
but the way it is I'm in favor of 2nd version - fewer places to change code and less messages sent

what do you think is the best way of approaching this? (besides not doing it at all, of course :)
if there are no better ideas, i'll do it the second way, but don't want to miss some easier road...