Author Topic: did I buy the wrong hardware??/  (Read 5693 times)


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Re: did I buy the wrong hardware??/
« Reply #15 on: March 20, 2008, 07:52:18 pm »
hi Andrew!
yes.. it is a bit of a transition for me really, most of the forums I have been involved in, have placed as much import on social intricacies as they do technical ones!
and TBH a short concise description of what you want with no preamble would be considered quite rude!
maybe I should have spent more time getting a feel for the forum as opposed to trying to get Lmce to work :)
sadly I am just beginning on the Linux road.. and as such (judging from most of the posts I have read) I have some difficulties following some threads!
I tried to follow a thread on setting up a wiimote the other day..
but there was an assumed level of Linux competence that was higher than mine :)
and it is a peculiar feeling when you are used to being the other side of that problem :)
still.. we live and learn!
right off to repair a seleco 500 :)
at least I know what I am doing with them :)
have a great easter!
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