Author Topic: Setting mythtv up for a core and several MD's  (Read 2245 times)


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Setting mythtv up for a core and several MD's
« on: May 21, 2008, 06:03:53 pm »
I'm trying to set up the system so that the core/hybrid serves as a master backend without any capture cards, 3 MD's will be slave back ends each having a pvr-150 installed, and the 4th MD will be a slave backend without a capture card as well.
So far I haven't been able to accomplish anything.
I've gone thru mythtv setup on the core ONLY adding a source (XMLTV), then I ran mythfilldatabase on the core.
I then setup the MD's selecting the pvr's and setting XMLTV as the sources for each one of them and skipping all of that all togather on the MD without the PVR.
To my best knoledge, I am supposed to have 3 active inputs working with the master backend (running "echo "select sourceid from videosource" | mysql -uroot mythconverg" should give 3 sources), but i still have only one active source and only the MD with that card shows the TV signal. Trying to run mythtv on the core gives a massege saying all availble outputs are taken, and the other MD's fail to show anything as well.
I made sure mythfilldata base was only run on the core so this should be setup proerly.

Any ideas?