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I would like to add/modify some features concerning the way that pluto send movies and/or video informations. Actually, I can only see in the movies option the list of ripped dvds, the same for the video option. I would like to know how to change the behaviour of the file grid that is sent to orbiters in order to send somme additionals infos like author, duration,etc.

If I understand Pluto structure, I should add a new command like 'Show File List' actually implemented on orbiters (ex. Windows XP PC/tablet).
How can I add new command code ? Should I extend the generic orbiter class with new command or is there a simpliest way to accomplish that ?



There is a method in File_Grids_Plugin called File_Grids_Plugin::FileList which is registered as a datagrid generator. You can modify that method and add there any additional info you want to the grid, modify the number of column orbiter should have, etc.

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Chris M.


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