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Windows Xp and MCE dual boot
« on: March 09, 2008, 07:02:06 pm »
I searched through the forums and couldn't find a clear answer.

I have windows Xp installed on a 320GB drive.
I have a core server setup.
The machine with the 320GB drive will be my media director PC. I would still like to be able to boot into windows XP on that same machine. Do I need 2 hard drives in the machine. Or is there a method to partition the drive so LinuxMCE and WinXP reside on the same drive. Or should I just install 2 seperate drives. What is the EASIEST method to work with.

Thanks for the help in advance.


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Re: Windows Xp and MCE dual boot
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2008, 07:35:13 pm »
Is there only one partition on the 320 drive? You can partition the 320 drive to have two or more partitions. Install Xp on one partition and then install Kubuntu (via Kubuntu Live (Desktop CD)) on the other partition.  Once Kubuntu is installed use the Linuxmce CDs to install LinuxMCE. Be sure not to use the LinuxMCE DVDs because that will erase your entire drive.

LinuxMCE CDs to use
234ab22fb2d1924d0a880ff422f158d8  LinuxMCE-CD1-0710Beta4-i386.iso
2041c2e6b3ce165b378f8d34d67cca8e  LinuxMCE-CD2-0710Beta4-i386.iso

Note. If you only have one partition on the 320 drive, you probably will have to repartition the entire drive, o make sure you back up your data. I just gave a quick overview that you can accomplish what you want to do, but I'm sure there is more info and details out there. When creating the partition for any operating system, make sure you pay attention to disk space requirements.

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