Author Topic: EnOcean vs Z-wave as blind controllers  (Read 1252 times)


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EnOcean vs Z-wave as blind controllers
« on: April 07, 2009, 08:31:24 pm »
I'm newie and a have been following LinuxMCE project for two years aprox.
I have just moved to my new flat and I want to start to use the system as soon as possible.
Unfortunately there are a lot of things that I have to adjust in the flat, so I'm trying to plan all house modifications with the LinuxMCE project in mind.
Actually, I'm going to change all the windows and motorize the blinds. As I have to power the blinds I must wire the wall, and use switchs to up/down them. So, I'm going to take this oportunity to use some kind of automation that I could control with LinuxMCE in the future.
(Ideally I will end up automating lights, heating, blinds and media, so the system must be versatile).

The shutter's brand have its own radio control system (868 mhz) and they sell the remotes to control from 1 to 5 blinds (and other automation stuff like solar sensors).
I have made a lot of reading and investigation in this forum, wiki, and online shops, and I have a lot of doubts about the way to go on:
- Is there any way to interact with a propietary radio control system and integrate it in linuxMCE? (this is the way that delays the decision of wich system to use).

- The brand (Jung) of my flat switchs  (I want the sockets and switchs to be integrated visually in my flat) has it's own radio system and KNX system. I discard the KNX system as is expensive and it will force me to wire the calefactors. So the question is the same as previous, could I interact with a propietary radio control system?.

-Another possibility: Use Merten (or similar) Z-wave products (a receiver)inside a Jung switch (like topic I need something like newbielink: [nonactive] but for controling blinds. Is this possible and,  has to be the switch special to interact with the Merten?

-Last one, I like the EnOcean products as it can be used with Jung frames, but i don't know how to connect it to the LinuxMCE, and i don't know if the LinuxMCE EnOcean product support is enough or will be enough in the future (I could wait). In the bad side, is expensive and  it is is not capable of control radiators (as for example newbielink: [nonactive]).

And that's all for the moment, thanks you all for reading this long post and for the wonderfull job in this amazing product.
Best regards