Author Topic: Don´t understand what I have to do to install/activate TV card drivers  (Read 2129 times)


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It is about general driver installation procedure, which I just don´t understand.

My LinuxMCE 7.0.4 finally seems to be installed very well. But it did not recognice my hauppauge WinTV Nova S-Plus PCI card. I read in the internet that this card is supported, including the remote control interface. So I tryed to install the driver - and this is how I do it:

- I open the LinuxMCE Admin Website
- I go to "Drivers"
- I don´t know if it is "Interfaces" or "A/V Equipment". According to the documentation, none of the two matches what I have in mind, because under "Interfaces" there is just mentioned everything else but TV cards, and under A/V equipment, there is just mentioned external devices...
- OK, so I choose "Interfaces" because every other choice seems to be worse. Then I click "Add device". The window "Pick device template" opens. I select "Hauppauge" als manufacturer. For "Device category", i choose "-Please select-", then "apply filter". In the dropdown "Device template", 11 available drivers appear. But none of them matches the driver I always read about in the internet:  ISL6421   CX24123  CX88_DVB. So I decided to try every single one of the listed options...
- After selecting "Pick device template" the window closes. But the list of installed interfaces just stays empty. I try again and again with different device templates, but always the same.
- I click "Show devices tree" in the left frame. There some of my selected drivers appear, but not all at the same place. Most of them appear under "CORE" (f.ex. lircms.conf.hauppauge), one (Hauppauge A415-HPG) appears beneath CORE, as top level device.

So I finally think that I just haven´t got it. But in the Wiki documentation, there is no driver installation tutorial, no FAQ entry on general procecure of driver installation, and no normal chapter as well. This is why I decided to ask you here. Can you help me?

I am using a single-PC installation, Core, MediaDirector and Orbiter on the same PC.

It is a plain installation (just Kubuntu 7.0.4 Live-CD, then LinuxMCE Two-CD Installation). I just added one WLAN stick driver (AVM Fritz WLAN) in the mean time, which works well.


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I also own a pci tvtuner (asus p7131 analog) and it wasn't detected by linuxmce a/v wizard, but when I went to mythsetup, it was recognized by myth and I was able to setup it up properly, live tv, recordings,etc.... I just can't make the ir remote work with mythtv or linuxmce. This situation is the same in 0704 and 0710 beta3. I can't talk about dvb and/or vdr support because my tuner is analog only.

You can also try to use tvtime to test your pci tuner. If it works with tvtime, maybe it could work with mythtv and/or vdr.

Good luck!