Author Topic: mpeg4 or h.264 stream capture from CCTV video and webtv servers?  (Read 2492 times)


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mpeg4 or h.264 stream capture from CCTV video and webtv servers?
« on: February 29, 2008, 10:04:14 pm »
Before I start, I'm not a coder, I'm more of a Project/Product Manager so forgive me if I'm way off beam on the technical stuff but I had a thought or two after reading the posts on the Zoneminder site regarding the headscratching involved in integrating the two systems...

How easy/appropriate would it be to get LMCE to capture h.264 streams such as those delivered by webtv services and CCTV video servers/ip cameras?

I know Zoneminder is the proverbial dog's family jewels, using motion detection to strip out capture of streams where nothing is happening, but with LMCEs extensive support for home control kit, the capture for a specific video stream could be triggered by IR sensors in the corresponding zone or area of the property. Or, it could capture the streams without interruption while the property is empty and dump the footage onto a NAS device in 5 or 10 minute slices, for example.

The framerate for the stream needn't be more than, say, 5fps for CCTV and there could be an option for capturing higher framerates with audio for webtv services.

So, if it makes sense, it would be great to see an option in LMCE for capturing streams served over the LAN from CCTV video servers and, if feasible, from web tv sources.

Any thoughts?