Author Topic: LMCE common abbreviations used in the source code - can anyone define these?  (Read 2379 times)


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As I'm picking my way more and more through the source, I'm finding that if I knew what some of the abbreviations meant things would be much easier.

I see m_dwPK_ used as a prefix in many places, but I'm not sure what it stands for.
Are there any other common abbreviations used that anyone would like to add to the list? I think compiling a nice list would greatly help the readability for people interested in getting started on the development side of things.




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I guess m_dwPK_ is
m - member variable
dw - double word (??) i.e. 32bit int
PK - primary key


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kir is probably right on all those..

Heh, a "double word" being 32 bits also indicates that original the programmer was probably a Windows programmer :)

A "word" is the basic unit of the processors, usually 64 or 128 bits on modern processors, and Linux originally only supported processors with a 32-bit or larger word size. So on a modern computer double word should really be at least 128 bits. :)

PS to create a real double word in most C and C++ compilers you declare it as a "long long".