Author Topic: System hangs when caching CDs, BT hangs, Grub install error  (Read 2255 times)


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System hangs when caching CDs, BT hangs, Grub install error
« on: February 28, 2008, 12:39:56 pm »
Hi all,

I just tried the beta3-x64, CD1 & CD2, on a Kubuntu installation x64 via alternate-install CD.

The system is set up properly. I start the LMCE-install program and give all the answers. Then the routine begins to cache the CD1, CD2 and the "kubuntu live cd", where I use my installation CD (alternate install x64 CD).
I tried that at least six times, everytime the system totally hang up during this caching. Either during CD 2 or the Kubuntu Live CD...
Total hang up, btw, the system has to be rebooted via reset switch, no reaction from Linux anymore.
The problem was once with the CD2, two times with the Kubuntu-x64-alternate-CD. Then I though it could have a problem with the alternate-Cd, so I used the "normal" Live-CD. So another three hang-ups, totaling to six.
btw: for the installation, I have no internet connection available.
Any ideas?

A second problem: On my "big" PC, I use a SCSI-disk for the system(s) with four SATA-HDDs for data. During installation from the live-cd the fdisk detects the SCSI-disk as "sdc" with the SATA as sda, sdb, sdd and sde. Wen I choose the sdc2 as "/" and try to install grub on "/dev/sdc", the installer gives an error message (LSI 1020/1030 U320 controller, Nforce4 SATA). In the bios I choose the SCSI-hdd after the DVD-R with no other boot device options.
Why the error and is there a solution?

Oh, and a third:
Bluetooth. I use the logitech mx-5000. When starting the gui kubuntu, I need to plug out and re-plug in the bt-adapter else the keyboar/mouse aren't functional. If I boot in the repair mode, everything is fine...
I have this problem both with 7.04 and 7.10-kubuntu...

Thanks for the help
Server: Ubuntu 10.04A2, 1xL5520 on Asus Z8-PED12X, 12GB, 300GB U320Raid0, 8TB HDDs@Adaptec 2820SA + 8TB@Perc 5/E. LMCE via KVM (running); other VMs;
Workstation: W7x64, 2xOpteron 2376, 24GB, 146 GB-SSD-Raid0, ATI 4850
MD: Asrock nv630i, 2GB