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Build Questions
« on: February 22, 2008, 07:30:15 pm »
Ok Just like everyone else I am looking to verify I havent missed something big. I am planning a build for a Combo Core/Frontend. I know some of the stuff is overkill but I want to have options for Windows if necessary (Wife factor). I am planning on running 4 Drives in this in RAID for a NAS type setup as well. I was going to try and use my Harmony 880 for a remote but didnt know the best USB IR to use (Microsoft)? I already have an HDHomerun that I plan for tuners. Might throw in another NIC and go direct to that to keep some traffic off the local net and help with the NAS portion.

Here goes:

MSI P6NGM-FIH nvidia Geforce 7150 chipset micro ATX

CORE 2 DUO E6750 2.66G (1333Mhz)

CRUCIAL 2GB KIT BL2KIT12864AL804 (dont know if this is the best choice?)

SILVERSTONE ST60F 600w sli ceritified modularized w/ active pfc power supply

SILVERSTONE LC13B (black) lascala ATX desktop htpc

HDHomeRun (Already Have)

I priced all this out at (Mainly because they are right down the street and I can pickup this weekend. About the same prices as Newegg)

$535 before tax etc.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Build Questions
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2008, 02:24:04 am »
I was interested in a similar setup, how did this one work out Mufassa?
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