Author Topic: problem installing NVIDIA 6600 drivers  (Read 1004 times)


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problem installing NVIDIA 6600 drivers
« on: February 20, 2008, 05:33:26 am »
i have recently installed the LMCE from DVD and have it running.  i wanted to change the video card from built in to the NVIDIA 6600 card.  When i try to install the drivers i get this error "you appear to be running an x server; please exit x before installing..."  I have followed several forum solutions with no success.  I had to creat an /etc/inittab file with the entry to boot into runlevel 3 but this doesn't do anything differently.  I would like to boot direct to the terminal but it seems that the linuxmce manager always runs at startup with the gui.  any help would be great.


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