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Some RAID Questions
« on: February 18, 2008, 01:26:15 pm »
So, last night I set up my RAID5 array through the web admin and I let it do its config overnight.  This morning I spent a fair bit of time trying to figure out why it wasn't mounted.  I eventually stumbled across the fact that LinuxMCE unmounts everything by default and only mounts it when needed.  Looking up my device id for the RAID array (122) I was able to directly do a
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ls /mnt/device/122 which force it to mount and i could see the lost+found directory.

Now, I wanted to test putting some media on it, so I loaded up a DVD backup of all my music files into my DVDRW.  I went to Manage Devices, selected the room, and clicked Rip.  It promted me to use the default raid arry to store it, and I told it to proceed.  Nothing showed up in pending tasks.  Okay, after some investigation I found that the DVD is NOT being auto-mounted when put in the drive.  I can manually mount it to /tmp, but I don't know what the device id is for my dvdrw so I can't try to force it to mount in /mnt/optical.  My other problem is likely that this isn't a real music cd so ripping might not be what i should do.  Maybe a Media Sync or something?  Help?

Lastly, I notice that by default the RAID5 array had an ext3 filesystem put on it.  I really don't want that as with the exception of some backups, this array is only going to store media files.  I'd much rather have XFS or JFS as my filesystem on the raid array.  Is there a way to specify this when creating the ARRAY?  If I simply reformat /dev/md0 from the commandline will that work?