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Bug Report/Feature Request
« on: February 19, 2008, 01:22:32 pm »
I apologize for not submitting this to mantis, but I can't activate my account until the sendmail issues the server seems to be having are resolved.

Anyways, time for the bug report.

Symptoms: LinuxMCE CONTINUALLY automatically creates a Windows MCE Remote (USB-UIRT) device when there is a USB-UIRT attached to a MD (or core i imagine).

*Plug in the USB receiver that comes with the MCE Remote.
*Go to the web admin site
*Add the MCE Remote to the MD if it is not already there.
*Select mce_usb2 for the Infrared Receivers value.
*Update the MD and test the remote in MythTV
*Plug in a USB-UIRT
*Go to the web admin site
*You will see an additional remote, the Windows MCE Remote (USB-UIRT)
*Launch MythTV, notice the change in functionality of the buttons on the remote, and that commands get repeated
*Go back to the web admin site and delete the Windows MCE Remote (USB-UIRT) entry.
*Launch MythTV and verify things work as they did initially again
*Reboot the MD
*Launch MythTV and note that the remote operates as it did under the Windows MCE Remote (USB-UIRT) remote setting on the MD
*Go to the web admin site and see that the Windows MCE Remote (USB-UIRT) has been automatically added again

I have both a USB-UIRT and the receiver/transmitter that came with my MCE Remote and Hauppauge PVR-150 attached to the MD in my living room.  The functionality of the button mapping in the lircd.conf I have for the MCE Remote is much more desirable than that of the USB-UIRT entry.  As well, there is another bug (which colinjones submitted on my behalf to mantis) where MessageSend forces the USB-UIRT to repeat commands.  At any rate, I want to use the non-USB-UIRT version of the MCE remote on my MD but everytime you restart (or maybe even Reload the router) the USB-UIRT version gets added again.

Now, my guess is this is related to wanting to make things nice and plug'n'play with the USB-UIRT.  However, I would hope there is a more robust way to do this by detecting whether the USB-UIRT previously existed or if the remote had previously been removed to avoid this headache for those who don't want that remote device active.