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Changing Channels On MythTV
« on: February 15, 2008, 01:09:29 pm »

I am trying to work out how to get mythtv to change channels on my cable box using a USBUIRT / IR blaster device...

If to goto livetv the channel changing works fine, the USBUIRT device sends the codes from my MCE remote control and the channel changes fine.

However in mythtv, while I can pause, rewind etc using the same remote control, I cannot work out how to get it to use the USBUIRT device to blast the channel changing codes to my settop box.   The mythtv interface does update the channel change, but as no blasting has occured the stb does not change.

I have setup a device template for the set top box and "learned" all the correct ir codes and when tested from A/V properties they send correctly to the STB....

My relevant setup devices is currently as follows:

Pace settop box, model DI4001N
MCE remote control

I have hunted through the wiki here and at mythtv, searched the forums etc and while I found others with a similar issue I did not find any solutions being presented.  I am obviously missing something here...

Any help much appreciated.




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Re: Changing Channels On MythTV
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2008, 02:11:43 pm »
You will have to run mythsetup (on your orbiter go to Computing>MythSetup).  From there go to your Input Sources, select the appropriate one and in its config point it at a suitable channel changing script.

Now, LinuxMCE provides one by default in /usr/pluto/bin/, however I have had trouble with that these past couple of days (look at my USB-UIRT learning thread).  With a couple of modifications to the script itself to remove DOS carriage returns I could get it to blast channel change requests, but every button press was repeated 4 times, making it ineffective.

Sadly, I can't help much further with getting the channel changing script to work with the USB-UIRT.  The script just calls SendMessage which is a binary and I'm not familiar with how it works.  As yet, no gurus have responded to my thread with further info.  I was hoping I could pass a parameter to it from the channel change script to have it not repeat button "presses", but no luck so far.

In the interim, I returned to working on getting lirc to control the irblaster built into my MCE receiver; and I have been successful.  I will post with links to wiki pages once I get them updated.