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Playlists not a media type
« on: February 06, 2008, 01:57:08 am »
Is there any particular reason why playlists aren't just another media type like audio/documents/pictures/video, and part of the normal LMCE folder structure? Shouldn't this just be another media type in their own folder, so that you can edit your own pls/m3u/etc playlist files using anything you want and LMCE just uses them like any other media type?

BTW - I have logged a Mantis feature request for a number of essential features that the Playlist function is missing... enqueue, realtime editing of playlists (re-order, add, remove) without restarting or changing the current playing item. Current playlist to be integrated with saved playlists, with prompts to save or discard changes, etc.

And a separate feature that would detect locally connected USB flash/mp3 player and optionally take you into a new UI screen that presents the normal media grid merging video/audio with filters for these and the normal filters, plus a new check box for each item in the grid that allows you to select/deselect a list of media to sync'd with that particular USB device. This would make it dramatically easier to share your media between the LMCE system and any number of portable media devices using an interface not dissimilar to iTunes or Windows Media Player for sync'ing, but eliminating the need to resort to a computer - just plug in, choose the media you want/dont want, and hit sync.

Does anybody else feel that these features would be valueable?
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